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Statements of Conjecture

A conspiracy theorist is a modern day heretic. Through its control of the media and ultimately the historical record itself, the established power structure denies the exposure of the hidden conspiratorial framework which allows it to operate with impunity.

In studying conspiracy theory, one finds many differing stories and spins. Myself, I am researching to understand and hopefully help in a my own little way to bring peace into this beautiful mudball we call home. Conspiracy research customarily delves into questions of evil motives and agendas. I believe evil is what man makes it. Man's free will is the variable in life's equation. The devil doesn't "make" people do things -- people choose to commit evil acts.

Based on my own research, I believe that a network or networks of multi-generational cults are fomenting conspiracy against mankind. Are there any good guys, really? Are there bad guys? Who's to know? Like I said, there are many stories and many spins, all of which deserve much wider public debate in a forum such as CTRL. My personal take is that there is a definite group of "baddies" that move through various organizations at differing times and locales, similar to the plans which Adam Wieshaupt outlined in the Illuminati papers, which were seized by the Bavarian Government. (And there are those that put a whole another layer of conspiracy about that revelation).

There is much research and conjecture to draw from, and researchers may arrive at very similar, or completely different, conclusions. Lyndon LaRouche has his take on the conspiracy; A-albionic posits a power struggle between the Vatican and English Freemasonry; author John Daniel sees the conspiracy as a war between English and French Freemasonary. There are the Templers versus the Knights of St. John's (Malta), there's the Order of Skull & Bones, the Nazis and of course the all-encompassing, all-pervasive Illuminati. These a just a few examples of the various worldviews shared among conspiracy theorists. Amidst all these purported plots and sub-plots lies the role of organized religion and the recent disclosures regarding the relevations of the Dead Sea Scrolls.

Hopefully CTRL can pull on the resources of the many to help us all understand and make use of that understanding to meet the future head on.

I do believe that we have an elite that suppresses both history and science. I believe that we are in a time when all shall be made known, and I believe it behooves us to understand the methods of propaganda that are being used against our body politic. I believe that through our combined efforts, we can progress from a society in which an elite uses the shield of secrecy to abet their plans of darkness, into a new digital age which will breath new life into our Republic, transforming it into a free and open society where everyone has equal access to all information, the quintessential tap root of power.