Subject: JFK Hit Part of 50-yr Covert War
Date: Thu, 23 Feb 1995 19:59:08 UTC
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[POST SCRIPT, 1/21/95: The "Odesa" gold and jems is a
subject I have only recently addressed in our continuing
processof identifying the names my source memorized [I
suspect the knowledge of the names was a gift from his
father, the general - a sort of insurance policy] Since mid-
November I have sent him lists of about 1,000 names of
bankers, politicians and minor and major German and
American intelligence agents who might have been involved
in the operation. He tells me that the gold was at first all in
Argentina, subject to an agreement with the ruling powers
there, but later part was moved elsewhere in South America.
I list below some of the names he identified from the 1939-45 =
era, as well as in the postwar years. Bear in mind that these
names were mixed with insignificant ones and I gave my
source not a clue as to who any of them were. See APPENDIX
[Parts IV-V] for caveats. Some of my source's identifications on
this subject were as follows:


Thomas H. McKittrick [Chrmn., Bank for Int'l Settlements,
Basel, Sw., 1940-44. BIS held most Eur. gold deposits =

by 1939. Accepted & 'laundered' looted Nazi gold
during WWII. Accused by US & Br of being Nazi tool.] =

Otto Niemeyer [Chrmn, Bank for Int'l Settlmts., 1939]
Yves Breart de Boisanger [Chr, French delegation re return
to Vichy Franc of Belgian treasury gold, $223 million
pre-1939. Agreed to return & gave it to the Nazis.
Karl Friedrich Wilhelm [Reichsbank Dir., Chief, For. Exchg
Dept.Sent looted gold to Swiss banks, below]

Wilhelm Vocke - Reichsbank Vice President

Carl Ehrhardt - Reichsbank Vice President

Ernst Hulse - Reichsbank Vice President

Karl Blessing - Reichsbank Vice President

SWISS BANKERS, 1939-1945:

W. Fessler - Credit Suisse [Kreditanstalt], Board [1 0f 5]
J. Strassle - Credit Suisse [$1.2 Billion], Board [1 0f 5]
Walter Stucki - Swiss Undersecy For. Affairs who claimed =

Swiss had not given Germans foreign =

exchg for the looted gold.
F. A. Schoeller-von Planta - Banque Federale [Eidgenossische =

Bank], Chr., Zurich
P. Jaberg - Union de Banques Suisses, Chr., Zurich =

F. Richner - Union de Banques Suisses, Gen. Mgr
Otto Wuergler - Banque Cantonale de Berne, Gen. Mgr. =


Johannes Siegfried Becker - German Intelligence Chief, =

for Argentina, head of Sicherheitsdienst which became =

superior to Abver in mid-1944. He reported
to Gen. Kaltenbruner in Berlin.
Dietrich Niebuhr - Abwer Chief before Wolf, Naval Attache
Friedrich Wolf - Abwer Chief as of 1944, Air Attache =

Alfred Volkers - Abwer, key operative =

Heinrich Reiners - Abwer, key operative =

Thaddeus von Schultz-Hausmann - Abwer, key operative =

Enrique Pablo Miguel Nielling - Main asst to chief of group #3, =

under Becker
Gustavo Utzinger - Chief, technical group under Becker

2d level below Donovan, 1945:

DeWitt C. Poole Dep. Dir. Intelligence, Foreign =

Richard L. Bigelow Dep. Dir., OPERATIONS !


Juan Domingo Peron - 1945-1955, whose party still wins =

provincial elections
Eva Duarte de Peron - Juan's Wife =

Edwardo Lonardi - 1955
Juan Carlos Ongania - 1966-1970
Adalberto Krieger Vasena - 1966-70
Alfredo Gomez Morales - 1975 Economics Minister
Jos=82 Alfredo Martinez de Hoz - 1980, Min., Economics
Antonio Erman Gonzalez - 1989-91 Econ, then Defense Min. =

See appendix for latest. =

THE BANKERS-1945-1970:

Ernesto Bosch - Banco Central de la Republica Arg., Pres. =

1939 through 1940s [$2 billion-Gov't]
Jose Evaristo Uriburu - Banco Central de la Republica Arg., =

Vice Pres., 1945
Alberto Gimenez Zapiola - Banco de la Nacion Arg., V.P. [the =

only V.P.] [$2 billion - Government bank], 1945
Enrique Becquerel - Banco Frances del Rio de la Plata, Pres. =

[$104 million], 1945
Americo E. Aliverti - Banco Popular Argentino, Mng. Dir. =

[$167 million], 1945
Manilo Olivari - Banco de la Provincia de Buenos A., V. =

Chr., 1949 [$1.7 billion]
Octavio S. Vivas - Banco de la Provincia de Buenos A., Pres. =

Enrique Amate, Chariman - Banco de la Provincia, 1965-67
Egidio Iannella, President - Banco Central de la Republica, =

Julio A. Pueyrredon, Chairman - Banco Popular, 1970


Mario Baratella - Banco de Italia y Rio de la Plata, Chr., =

Hector M. Cordova - Banco Continental, Arg., Pres, 1978
Miguel J.L. Rodr=A1guez Diez - Banco Tornquist, Pres. 1978
Carlos Fabian Etcheverrigaray - Banco de la Nacion Arg., V.P., =

Adolfo C. Diz, President - Banco Central de la Republica, 1980
Carlos Alberto Furlotti Banco de la Nacion Arg., V.P., 1980
Hector Luis Ferraro Banco de la Nacion Arg., V.P., 1984
Hernan Carlos Naveyra Banco de la Nacion Arg., V.P., 1988
Karl Ostenrieder Deutsche Bank, Arg. Branch Mgr, 1987
2 partners The largest corp/banking law =

firm in Argentina], 1994

There are certainly other bankers in other South American
countries involved in this thing. Outside Argentina my source's
id's centered on Sao Paulo, Bobota and Caracas, but I think
Venezuela is the best guess as the site of the second gold
cache. That is based on my source's identification of Becker's
photo as the man he met in Caracas shortly after Gehlen's death
in 1979.

Since the "Odesa" Operation the Group has used the bullion
cache as credit for its operations, including economic warfare
against the US It remained in Argentina at least until both of the
Perons were in power. Bormann was one of the Nazis who
controlled access to it in Argentina, but I suspect that Becker
played a big role.

In addition, a good part of the funding over the years
has come from large-scale diversions of funds from all major
treasuries in the western world. I believe the principal method
involves diverting cash credits for funds coming into the
government through the Group's control of central banks like the
Federal Reserve & apparent subversion of agency accounting
chiefs. Within the past week my informant reviewed a group of
names associated with the enactment of the Federal Reserve
Act in 1913. They were interspersed with many other names
from other fields. He identified the name Nelson Aldrich, the
senator know as J. P. Morgan's "floor broker" in the US Senate
who authored and manipulated through Congress the Federal
Reserve Act of 1913. My informant has also identified the
names of several of the top men in IRS and Treasury FMS. The
"skim" appears to be about .5% of all incoming funds. My
informant states that a significant portion of the diverted funds
go to campaign funds for members of Congress as "protection"
or the like. So there is no one in the Government who has much
interest in looking into this diversion. Even those in Congress
who are "clean" are typically co-opted by promises of more
power or are just squelched.

SOCIETY: This has been a carefully-planned fifty-year war.
The late 40s and 50s were spent putting their agents in place
and rebuilding their main clients' European industrial base - with
American money. The initial steps in the American overthrow
occurred in the 1960's through several of the Group's most
critical agents--Earl Warren and LBJ, with assists from J. Edgar
Hoover and others. [Chief Justice Warren, unlike LBJ, was an
unwillingagent. The Group forced Warren to participate in the
JFK cover- up and the Group's plan to alter the social structure
of US because they "had something on him."] One of the first
things the Group did to protect its own covert operation was one
of Gen. Gehlen's specialties in WWII Nazi intelligence--divert
attention to the "Red menace." There is also a pattern of
identifications by my informant of petitioners and/or their chief
lawyers in a series of Supreme Court cases in the 1950s and
1960s that made it impossible for the Fed or state governments
to conduct thorough investigations into subversive
organizations. While I applaud the civil liberties aspects, I
suspect that this was only 'window dressing' for the true

What the Group wanted by the time of the "incubation
period" [1995-2000] was a society that was uneducated, amoral,
uncommitted to democratic institutions, living in fear, with a
sudden and very drastic reduction in spendable income
simultaneous with societal chaos. The Group thought that this
would produce the environment for rejection of the democratic
form of government that they seek by 2000. In the 1960s the
Group's agents started the process of eliminating religious and
moral ideals from American life, particularly in the schools [& in
that regard go back & read the dissents in the Supreme Court
cases, accurately stating that the Founding Fathers would turn
over in their graves to learn that what they wrote in Philadelphia
in the 1780s outlaws prayer in schools], removed as many
impediments to criminality as they could get away with,
dramatically increased media [TV] portrayal of violence and
joblessness [role models have no jobs, bad guys live in big
houses, etc.; begin your reading with The Early Window,
by Liebert & Sprafkin], reduced the standards of education and
early training for rational thought [see Endangered Minds for a =

partial account] and fostered every possible dislocation in family
structure they could engineer, beginning with LBJ's welfare
policies. Hunderds of other, later, events have reinforced the
program [e.g., the "voluntary" abolition of the old Civil Service
test in the Carter Administration].

JFK, RFK and MLK: My research and the resulting identification
and interrogation process convinced me that all of their plans for
social disintegration in the US started in the 1960s. The Group's
man, Lyndon Johnson, was ready & willing to give them the
policies they wanted. Warren's work on constitutional
precedents was well under way. On the other hand, the
Kennedy brothers had reneged on a deal their father had made
with the Group and got in the Group's way at this most critical
period. My informant says there were many reasons for the hit
[JFK was going after their main covert apparatus when he
threatened to "dismember" CIA; he was talking about making
their bank, the Federal Reserve, part of the US Government,
instead of a private bank; he threatened huge profits of (a) their
client merchant bankers and owners of Fed Class A stock when
he issued Exec Order authorizing silver-backed U.S. Notes as
legal tender and (b) their client industrialists when he resisted
full-scale war in Vietnam; & resisted their push to create a
disunited & Government-dependent black population]
But the reason for the immediacy of the hit was that the Group
wanted Bobby dead a lot more than they wanted JFK [Bobby
had stumbled into the Group in the Civil Rights movement and
had a very quiet investigation under way. He was putting cases
together on one of their most important allies--the Mob.] The
only way to get to Bobby was to kill JFK. When Bobby
announced his candidacy he "signed his own death warrant."
The training of the assassins was closely connected with Berlin,
East and West both. The RFK hit was planned and run from
Vietnam. MLK was hit at least partly as a result of a deal made
by J. Edgar Hoover with the Group. In exchange for his
cooperation in the JFK cover-up, Hoover insisted that they
arrange for the death of King. The Group agreed because they
feared MLK would unite the black population. Oswald was
never supposed to survive. Ruby worked for the Carlos
Marcello organization and the Oswald hit was Marcello's hit.
Ruby was killed before he could open his mouth at the 2d trial
by use of one of the artificial 'heart attack' chemicals. My
informant overheard a conversation about it between the former
Director, CIA mentioned above and another man in which both
were laughing about the Ruby hit.

7. THE COMING CHAOS: The plan is to unleash elemental
forces of chaos that transcend government philosophy. The
primitive mandate for political/social structure seems to be
protection of the person from crime and disease, protection of
property, a system of justice to enforce those protections, and
organization for economic gain. All these refinements we've
developed - democracy, fascism, communism, monarchy -
come after the primitive mandates have been met. The theory
is that if you remove enough of those basic protections the
government will fall because it is not performing the more
important, elementary functions. This subject is an enormous
one which I could not begin to describe in such a short piece as
this. The reader will have to fill in the blanks left by the
following examples:

(a) DISEASE: The Group developed the AIDS virus
principally at Albert Ludwigs University in Freiburg im Brisgau.
[By "developed" my source means he attended briefings in the
1970s at which the Group's biological warfare directors
discussed their progress mass-producing the virus from sources
they had where the virus existed. Dr. Strecker and the London
Times [5/11/87] suspected that the epidemic was man-made
and connected with the World Health Organization's smallpox
eradication program in Africa. I don't think the Group had to
artificially produce it. Rather, they developed what was already
there. [My source identified the names of a senior member of
the Global Commission in 1979, who handled at least Ethiopia
and Somalia, and WHO representatives for Central Africa,
where the AIDS virus is taking the largest toll, and for Western
Africa]. In the US it seems the initial dissemination may have
been during the 1978-79 hepatitis B vaccine experiments among
homosexuals in NY, SF, Chi, etc. [The identifications in this are
very slim. My source identified the name of one member of the
NY City team. I could not obtain the names of the team
members for S.F. or other cities.] The Group chose
homosexuals for the US operation because they believed that
few would care what happened to them and hoped the disease
would spread throughout the country before anyone realized that
it would kill ANYONE - not just gays. During the "incubation
period" [1995-2000] the Group plans to introduce new diseases
that will be "far more aggressive, far more vicious" than AIDS.

Monkey do." There is a subconscious inclination in all of us to
imitate what we see around us. Some of us can't control the
inclination. Therefore, a certain % of ten-year-olds subjected to
nearly constant, random depiction of violence will probably be
unable to resist violent solutions to life's problems. Literally
hundreds of scientific studies since 1960 have shown that TV
violence produces violent inclinations in a significant segment of
children. Sen. Thomas Dodd was grilling TV execs about this in
the early 60s. One of Dodd's main targets in 1964 was an NBC
exec whose name has been identified by my source. In the late
Fall of 1965 Dodd received funding from the Senate for
additional 1966 hearings on the issue. Within less than two
MONTHS, in January, 1966, the Group arranged for Dodd to be
accused of taking money for political favors from one of its
agents, Julius Klein. By 1967 Dodd was censured by the
Senate, based on Klein's allegedly false accusations. Dodd was
powerless to continue the grilling of the NBC exec or anyone
else. According to my source Dodd has since been used as "an
example" to restrain the actions of other politicians who have
sought to curb violence in TV.

[Draft continues in Part III]



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