A Monthly News Letter Devoted to Technical Prediction

Antony Sutton, DSc - March, 200 1: Vol 12, No. 3


After years of fighting politics, a science establishment more interested in cash than science,
and the Patent Office, Dr. Randall Mills has succeeded. His Blacklight patent, one of the
longest ever submitted, has been APPROVED.

Mills moves from here to Initial Public Offering, coming up this year through one of the major
Wall Street houses.

Part of the delay was engineered (not by Mills!) to give time for utilities to scramble out from
under their debt load and dump debt onto the States and the public. The politicians, the
utilities and the Sacramento Bee in California, all worked together to hide the truth.
(Almost) free energy is here. The utilities need to get out from under their massive fixed plant.
So we are seeing an all-time scam to shift soon-to-be-worthless assets onto the public. Not one
of California's public servants has told the truth.

The horrendous delay for Mills was political, and nothing to do with patent procedures or the
inherent value of Mills' discovery.

It highlights a terrible weakness in the United States. You can buy through politics just about
anything you want, and individual talent is decided on the basis of politics. The independent
best are rejected and the mediocre go-alongs welcomed and promoted, provided
they have ONE essential quality. Understand, as former Senator Mansfield said, "to get along,
you have to go along."

We've known Mills since 1991, and it was obvious even at that time that the discovery of less
than ground state hydrogen was fundamental. But establishment physics could not squeeze it
into its ordained schema. In fact, they had already gone so far as to remove one line from the
Mendelieff periodic table, and suppress the full Maxwell quaternions to accommodate their
collective fantasy.

No discoverer has been more thorough, more persistent and more scientific than Mills. Last
time we counted, he had 39 individual independent confirmations of Blacklight. A great deal
of credit goes to Mills, his co-workers, and citizen backers who persisted in the midst of a
screaming horde of irrational vested interest opposition.

Everywhere you turned, this mediocre talent pool clung together and cried in one voice,
"Impossible!", and American Physical Society was the worst culprit. Their rationale was
obvious -- MONEY. The multi-multi billion hot fusion program, which even today has not
reached over unity, is a gigantic failure. Especially Parks, of Princeton, who ran around the
world screaming, "impossible!" without looking at the data. And Congress, of course, votes
where re-election money originates.

Multiply Mills by the thousands and tens of thousands, and you have the sad state of Scientific
America today. The mediocre are running the science show, and follow the grubby wishes of
less than mediocre politicians and the military-industrial complex.

We had our personal experience of this muddy cooperative of the mediocre and the less than
mediocre in the 1970s. In 1973, we were forced out of Stanford by vested corporate interests
for revealing that the Cold War was a hoax. The West founded and built Communism. But it
was a big no-no to make this public. A direct hit on the military-industrial complex
money-making machine, and the book was ordered squashed by Dr. Glenn Campbell, then
Director of the Hoover Institution at Stanford, who accused this Editor of the ultimate sin in
our politicized society -- being a moralist.

We continued to work in technology, and discovered by the mid-1980s the nowemerging
paradigm. Again we warned the establishment, this time via the Chairman of tile Intelligence
Oversight Board, whose Chairman happened to be Glenn Campbell -- the same academic who
forced us out of Stanford. Again, Washington looked the other way.

What Campbell -- now retired from Stanford -- and the military-industrial establishment do
NOT know (but may suspect) is that we placed a lengthy memorandum detailing their actions
and threats in Washington and elsewhere. We have been able to keep the book they wanted
banned in print all these 33 years, thanks to individual moral Americans. See, "The Best
Enemy Money Can Buy" (Liberty House Press or Amazon/Barnes & Nobel).

Of course, we understand their urgency to conceal these deadly and murderous policies, but
some of us have no need to "go along," because we have no need to "get along."

You were conned, and most of you don't yet know it.

Anyway, Mills has his patent, and the new era begins. It may take 50 years, but the writing is
on the wall for these grubby go-alongs. Unless, of course, Colonel Bearden is right, and the
world ends in 2007 -- then it ends for all of us.

In three years, we should have 5-kilowatt home units, costing maybe $2,000 - $3,000 apiece,
generating 1000% excess energy, thanks to Dr. Randall Mills and Colonel Bearden. Who
knows? Washington might even wake up and come to the support of these valiant pioneers.


BlackLight has filed a Federal lawsuit against the Commissioner of Patents, Q. Todd

Attachment 2 of the Complaint has the following: "BlackLight Power's current private market
capitalization is already in excess of $340 million, based on the last private placement, which
was- over-subscribed."


Another arena where politics and science got entangled in greed is radionics, or effect at a
distance. The Pharaohs knew about radionics six thousand years ago. It was part of the secret
science maintained by the priest-scientists in ancient Egypt.

Modem science has continued the suppression. In the U.S., radionics is banned in medicine.
(Not in England, or Canada.) Radionics kills insects by directing life energy rates (or their
complements). It cannot be patented. It means the end of chemical pesticides right there.

Last year we looked again at this 6000-year secret science and pondered whether some fresh
air was needed. After all, it is 2001. And our futile approach to Glenn Campbell and the
Intelligence Oversight Board. Bearden, back in 1985, indicated the intelligence community
didn't want to know anything about it, at least openly. So we formed COMMERCIAL
RADIONICS, and gave it the most open name we could think of. No hiding in the bushes.
As an aside, this is unbelievably powerful technology, and virtually impossible for
materialistbound scientists to understand. (But see a new book: Norman Friedman, Bridging
Science and Spirit.)

This new private company has taken off fast. In six months, we verified the use of radionics,
entered into discussions with probably the most experienced operator in the radionics pest
control field, all with expenditures of less than $2,000 in January, and maybe $15,000 today.

Most of the capital raised last November is conserved for future operations. No dot-com
razzle-dazzle here. We figure that $300,000 -- at the most, $400,000, is enough to go world
wide, and then it is bye-bye, chemical killer pesticides.

You don't need patents and lawyers. Our dumbed-down education system is enough to ensure
that only a handful will know, and "know-how" is the key to this extraordinary technology.

Successful trials in Canada in 1995 were suppressed because lobbyists for the chemical
industry cut off the money, and weak politicians went along. But in Canada, a handful of
politicians, including Senator Carter, and an energetic Dr. Andrew Michrowski joined together,
and another step was taken to open up this "secret science". And in Egypt, Dr. Khalil Messiha
and Dr. Yehia Koshik studied the historical links.

We know radionics works. The operator can be anywhere in the world and pin point his target
with map coordinates and aerial photography. Distance is no problem -- the spatial dimension
is removed.

We don't think the establishment understands that one can sit on a Pacific Island and wreak
havoc in the more "civilized" parts of the world. This is a part of the weaponry that Colonel
Bearden, a former Army Intelligence Officer, says is not available to the United States, and
immensely powerful. Our military equipment is antiquated, a waste of money for the taxpayer,
a gift to the military industrial establishment. We don't even know who the enemy is, or where
he is!

The most difficult point in radionics for newcomers to understand is that the really dangerous
technology in our world is life energy magnified by psi machines. This is the next generation
of discovery. But it is a waste of time to buy the machine and twiddle the knobs. The core is
life energy. Denied in official biology. Our biology is dead and does not recognize life, and
therefore cannot even begin to understand radionics.

We have news for Washington -- you cannot protect the infrastructure against radionics. The
Pentagon does not have any priest scientists with this ability (except for former intelligence
officer Colonel Bearden and the group cited in the Psychic Warrior book by Captain

That is why the Pharaohs of 4000 BC kept it a secret science. They had dynastic enemies, too.
This is why the Chinese are scared stiff of peaceful Falun Gong, and the U.S. refuses to
recognize life energy in biology.

One day some unsuspecting court will sentence a radionics practitioner to jail, only to find they
cannot keep the practitioner incarcerated. Our dumb media will report "man leaves
jail, no one knows how." Then will come the herd mentality. Everyone will flock to the book
stores: "What is this secret technology?" Start with Psychic Warrior, by Captain David
Morehouse (how the U.S. Military used etheric technology in the Gulf War. Then read,
Report on Radionics, by Edward Russell.


Another advance towards clean, unadulterated food has been made by Jolly Fanner, Ltd., of
Houlton, Main. The expansion of organic fanning is spurred by the establishment drive for
control of artificial food and genetic manipulation. Jolly Farmer has now come up with organic
compost to complete the organic cycle. Distributors needed.


The initial report from Clear Tech is disappointing, and omits a REQUIRED balance sheet.
There are indications of internal problems. One targeted this Editor.

We received a 1099 from Clear Tech, yet have never received a single check from the
company. We challenged Clear Tech to produce cancelled checks, but have received no
answers. This we have passed to the IRS. During the first six months, effort was concentrated
on production of a video. The video review in Infinite Energy reflects its superficial content.
The reviewer said, "Where's the beef." -- We agree.

When our shareholders get the balance sheet -- long over due -- divide the number of videos
sold by the expenditures, and you will see another point: In publications, you cannot pump
money into promotion and automatically get sales. The market is too thin, and you end up
with a horrendous cost per unit.

Plans for the next six months are to spend another $125,000 on promotion. The problem here
again, is the thin market. How many people buy free energy movies? Certainly, the market is
in the hundreds, not thousands. Suppose you sell 1000 -- and that would be wildly successful -
then the subsidy would be around $100 each.

You cannot build a company on a superficial video, and a yet-to-be-published book. It has
already been tried. First you do the work -- then you publicize. This field moves so quickly
you can easily miss the bus if you do it backwards.

Mills and Bearden did the work first and then went public. Lindemann publishes first and then
-- we presume -- does the work. Lindemann's talent is workbench development, not video


Over the coming months, we will be reducing the number of publications from FTIR.
COMMERCIAL RADIONICS is imposing pressure on time.

1. The Investment Supplement and the Investment Advisory Service will be eliminated as
subscriptions expire. Any unfulfilled part of subscription will be refunded.

2. FTIR will be changed to a bi-monthly or quarterly, and subscriptions extended

This is part of our long-term changeover from reporting to implementing new technology.
COMMERCIAL RADIONICS has all the ingredients of a winner, but start ups are time

If the upcoming test is successful (AND IT WILL BE), we will issue another round of units to
finance expansion into the next stage. We anticipate these units will be priced at $5 a unit
(rather than the initial $1). (See enclosed flyer)

We have had several feelers for major financing. This is unnecessary. New tech capital
requirements are almost insignificant, and our policy has been rockbottom economy.
COMMERCIAL RADIONICS has no office, no permanent staff, and pays no salaries to
senior personnel. We have no use for $5 million or $50 million. This sparseness has yet to
impact finance people on the outside. What we have done is reduce sparseness to the very
minimum, not paying salaries or rent, so that COMMERCIAL RADIONICS cannot go
broke. Why do this? One reason -- it is more than clear that Monsanto and its allies will try to
disrail any development in radionics. It means the end of pesticides.

Dr. Alvin Swimmer, currently Professor of Mathematics at Arizona State University, will be
joining COMMERCIAL RADIONICS as Vice President in charge of Operations. A professor
of mathematics in charge of operations reflects precisely the nature of the new technology.
Just as the absence of capital requirements reflects the etheric nature.

From the investor viewpoint, all this must be puzzling. No longer can you wait and "buy
later." You get one shot -- that's all. Win or lose.

BLACKLIGHT POWER had 170 local Pennsylvania investors. It goes to IPO later this year.
On behalf of FTIR Subscribers, we watched for an investment opening for years. It never
showed up. The next opening is IPO, and that will probably be taken up before it reaches the

COMMERCIAL RADIONICS follows a similar track. A handful of original investors last
November supplied enough start up capital at $1 a unit. There is a second round at $5 a unit,
but we would not be surprised to see even this snapped up before it reaches FTIR subscribers.

The lesson is this: Capital requirements in new tech are extraordinarily low, and you get only
one chance at investment.


Patent Office OKs Blacklight Patents I
Blacklight Power, Inc . 3
Commercial Radionics 3
Organic Compost 5
Clear Tech 5
FTIR -- Changes ahead, and related news 6

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March 2001 Vol. 12 No. 3